American Deaf theatre is currently an endangered species today.


As the world's only liberal arts university for Deaf and hard of hearing people, Gallaudet has a responsibility to be the hub of Deaf theatre artists of the future (or theatre artists who happen to be Deaf, for that matter).  This is our guiding principle, the reason why we have made it our mission to make Gallaudet a serious destination in the theatre hotbed of Washington, DC, where there are currently over ninety (90) companies active within the city radius.


We want the name "Gallaudet" to evoke an expectation of professional-caliber theatrical quality, comparable to the work being produced by these companies, and irrespective of the fact our actors and artists are mainly Deaf college students. 


In order for that to become an everyday reality, Gallaudet theatre--and indirectly, American Deaf theatre--needs to be assured of a bedrock foundation for its future.  Building, cultivating, and maintaining an ambitious theatre program emphasizing quality, scope, and professional training, such as ours, is no easy feat in these economic times we live in.  It is a delicate balance between meeting the expectations of our majors--as well as those of everyone with a stake in the evolution of Gallaudet theatre--and operating within our present means.


A common myth about our program is that it does not need help.  Although it may be small, it has a renaissance brewing, fortunately enough, during this age of social media.  Nevertheless, that should not be interpreted to mean we are healthy.  We are grateful for whatever support we get from the University itself, but we have come to recognize that depending solely upon an annual University allocation of funds--which in itself is proportionally tied to the amount of federal funding the University receives per year, for better or worse--is no longer a practical, sustainable model for the direction we would like to go in.  For such a direction, we need greater financial flexibility.


To that end, if you believe it is critical that the production arm of the only BA theatre program for Deaf people in the world--ours!--stays reasonably healthy and functional, you have the option of donating any amount in support of what we do.


You can do so in 6 easy steps by the slideshow down below and should you decide to do so, thank you in advance!


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